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COVID 19 RULES FOR SWIMMING AT WEIR WOOD (in red) We have kept these just in case and for future information only, you do no longer need to abide by them.

- All Swimmers must abide by government social distancing rules. Makes sense!

-Sessions are for good swimmers only, this will help prevent recues in the early season. Email me if you are unsure?

-Sessions are prebookable only and only open to members. This allows us to have your details for ease of process. JOIN ONLINE for £10 (it's very reasonable)

- We can only take 40 people at a time.

-Sessions start on the dot and last for 1 hour.

-You must arrive no sooner then 15 minutes before the session starts. If you get there early, please wait in the car.

-Please arrive changed or change at your car. (sorry but we can't offer changing at the moment).

- Once changed, make your way to the reception, where you can pick up your band (sanatized) and Becky will tick you off the list for our register.(please let us know if you have any new medical issues that we may need to know)

-You then make your way to the pontoon, where you will enter the water as usual respecting a two meter distance at all times.( please be patient and respectful to all) 

-When the session ends we will let you know and you have 15 minutes to exit and leave. We dont want to rush you but please bare with us so that we can continue with the next session. 

-When you have your comfirmation, you are booked in.

-All our swimmers are smart and the last thing we want to do is teach you all to suck eggs, but we also have our restrictions and if rules are broken, we will be shutdown. So we will have to be strict for the moment ( and you know how much I hate that). If anyone breaks the rules, they will be politely reminded of them, and secondly be asked to leave. Sorry.